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Who We Are – Newcastle Kayak Club – Newy Paddlers

Newy Paddlers are a recently formed paddling club situated on Throsby Creek in Carrington in Newcastle Harbour. No matter what craft or what skill level you have, Newy Paddlers are bound to have something for you that will make your paddling experiences a pleasurable and rewarding time.


We cater for all paddlers, with our social paddles, training, racing, coaching, and time trials, Newy Paddlers have always got something happening that you maybe interested in.This club is about having fun so if you want to be around like minded people this is the place for you. Our goal is to bring the Newcastle and Hunter paddling community together.


We can even hire a boat and paddle for you to try the sport out and see if it’s what you are looking for, this saves you a lot of money and we can advise on the boat that may be best for you.

Fees are $10 per boat during coaching sessions – includes paddle.


We also run coaching sessions for beginners which will help you learn the basic strokes, rules of the water, how to get in and out of the kayak plus, have a really good time. we limit the numbers to 4 learners with 2 coaches as this ensures more time is given to our participants.

Fees for coaching are $80 for 2 x 2.5 hour sessions (plus $10 for boat hire if you don’t have a boat). If you decide to become a member after the coaching coarse $50 will be taken out of your paid $80 coaching fee. WHAT A BARGAIN. 

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